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Your Health, Our Integrative Approach

Personalized Solutions for Lasting Results

We've got you covered!

Our professional therapists will select from a range of therapies and modify your treatment plan in one session.

Don't stress about making the right choice, leave it to us!


Manual Therapy

Tuina Therapeutic Massage
The Art of Body Work

Tuina massage is a therapeutic form of bodywork that works by combining a broad range of pressure and ...

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Posture Correction & Exercise

Optimizing Conditions for Faster Recovery

After treating the acute symptoms ("Relieve") and the chronic problem ("Rebalance"), if you wish to further boost your strength, prevent ...


IASTM Therapy

Revitalizing Damaged Tissues into Better Form

IASTM therapy also commonly known as "Gua Sha" is a therapy that involves scraping your skin with a ...

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Moxibustion | Heat Therapy

Infrared Heat Treatment for Invigorating The Energy

Moxibustion is an ancient form of treatment that involves burning moxa (dried, ground mugwort leaves compacted in a cone or stick) on or ...

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Conditioning Neuromuscular problems

Dry needling is a modern, science-based therapy in which fine needles are inserted near the nerves or into ...

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Cupping Therapy

Promoting Blood Circulation to Help Draining Toxins

Cupping is a therapy that is usually done in combination with other treatments. The therapist puts multiple...

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